Explaining the domestic CBD brand MARITIME - From the secret story of birth to the effect and word of mouth

CBD, a natural compound derived from cannabis, is highly safe, attracts attention in fields such as medicine and beauty, and is gaining popularity overseas.
We will tell you more about MARITIME, which sells high quality and safe CBD products legally in Japan.

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MARITIME is a Japanese CBD brand
The reason for the birth of MARITIME
Where can I buy MARITIME?
MARITIME is developing CBD oil and CBD water
CBD oil
Reliable purely domestic CBD products
Safe to comply with Japanese law
High quality made in Japan for peace of mind
High-purity natural CBD
Is MARITIME effective? What is the word of mouth and reputation?
It led to improved sleep quality
Safe because it is made in Japan
Easy-to-drink CBD water
How to feel the effect

MARITIME is a Japanese CBD brand

The raw material for CBD is cannabis, but the component is not regulated by the Cannabis Control Law

MARITIME is an innovative CBD brand by Medyfine Co., Ltd., which sells, imports and exports health foods, and sells online based in Kobe.
While there are many CBD products imported from overseas, MARITIME is particular about Japanese manufacturing factories and sells high quality CBD products that meet Japanese standards.

The reason for the birth of MARITIME

Impressed when he came across American CBD oil in 2017, the head of Medyfine released MARITIME after two years of trial and error development, with the desire to develop a CBD that could be taken every day on a continuous basis and that he could recommend to his dear family and friends with confidence.
After comparing more than 100 types of CBD products in the United States, we created MARITIME products with a refreshing taste and a fresh scent.
Since it is used every day, we are particular about the packaging and ask a Korean female designer who has won numerous awards to create a luxurious, chic and glossy design.

Where can I buy MARITIME?

MARITIME's CBD products are also sold at the Kobe brand shop GOEMON (see the bottom of the page for store details), Amazon, Rakuten Ichiba, and Yahoo! Shopping.
We exhibited at "COSME OSAKA 2020", Japan's largest international cosmetics exhibition held in Osaka in September 2020, and attracted attention.

MARITIME is developing CBD oil and CBD water

MARITIME offers 5 different concentrations of CBD oil and CBD water that is easy for first-time users to try. You can rest assured that THC, which is regulated by the Cannabis Control Law of Japan, is not included at all.

CBD oil

MARITIME's CBD oil was made with the idea of "I want to make CBD oil that I can drink with peace of mind every day." You can choose the concentration to your liking.

CBD product name CBD concentration  CBD content  Price (inc. tax) Recommended features
CBD 100 1% MARITIME CBD oil 10ml (1%) 1% 100mg ¥3,240 CBD concentration 1% for first-time users
CBD 200 2% MARITIME CBD oil 10ml (2%) 2% 200mg ¥4,860 CBD concentration 2% for beginners and those who prefer thinning
CBD 300 3% MARITIME CBD oil 10ml (3%) 3% 300mg ¥6,800 The most popular CBD concentration 3%
CBD 500 5% MARITIME CBD oil 10ml (5%) 5% 500mg ¥7,800 CBD concentration 5% for those who want to try a slightly higher concentration
CBD 1000 10% MARITIME CBD oil 10ml (10%) 10% 1000mg ¥9,801 CBD concentration 10% for those seeking high concentration

You can choose from a compact size of 10 mL and a generously large size of 30 mL.

Reliable purely domestic CBD products

At MARITIME, we thoroughly implement three points so that you can choose safe and high-quality CBD products with peace of mind.

Safe to comply with Japanese law

MARITIME's CBD products meet Japanese legal standards and use safe CBD imported with formal permission from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
It does not use cannabis ears or leaves and does not contain any of the illegal ingredients THC. All products are 100% THC-free and we offer legal CBD products.

High quality made in Japan for peace of mind

CBD isolates (high-purity crystals with impurities removed) carefully selected and imported from the United States are processed at factories in Japan, so the manufacturer is clear and safe.
There is no need to worry about impurities being mixed in or hitting defective products. We deliver clean, safe, made-in-Japan quality CBD products that comply with Japanese quality standards.

High-purity natural CBD

MARITIME products use 99.9% pure CBD isolate. CBD oil is made by dissolving these high-purity CBD crystals in the finest fresh extra virgin olive oil from Spain.
Extra virgin olive oil, carefully selected by MARITIME, contains a large amount of oleic acid, which is said to be effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases and activating the function of the intestines, and polyphenol, which is an antioxidant. This oil is great for people who care about beauty and health.

Is MARITIME effective? What is the word of mouth and reputation?

We have received many impressions from customers who have purchased MARITIME's CBD products.

For improving sleep quality

・ I felt like I slept soundly and woke up in the morning was very refreshing.
・ When I woke up, I was suffering from the heaviness from my chest to my head, especially on the back, every morning. I was surprised that the light dizziness at the time of awakening was alleviated and I hardly noticed it.
・ I felt that my sleep quality had improved.
・ Daily sleep, waking up, and dullness are improved.
・ Travel essentials that change the sleeping environment.

Made in Japan for peace of mind

・ Because this is my first CBD, I'm happy that it's made in Japan.
・ I was worried about overseas products and was looking for Japanese CBD oil.

Easy-to-drink CBD water

・ I often drink a small amount in a cup before going to bed.
・ I drink it as the best water in the morning every morning.
・ It is tasteless and odorless, and the water is soft and easy to drink.
・ Easy-to-drink taste that you can continue to drink every day.

How to feel the effect

・ It is in the "Toto" state of the sauna. I'm in a relaxed state.
・ It feels like the feeling of being frustrated by the heaviness in the morning will be alleviated.
・ I use it when I'm frustrated and before going to bed, but I'm getting more and more sleepy.
・ I realized the relaxing effect. My wife also said she could sleep well.
・ Stress has decreased and I can sleep soundly until morning.

In my impression, I didn't know the effect when I first started using it, but after a few days, I gradually realized the effect, and I immediately felt the effect! There is also a voice. Since the concentration of CBD purchased, the physical condition at that time, and the constitution of the person are different, there are various ways to feel it.
If you are new to CBD, we recommend starting with a low concentration and low dose and increasing the dose while watching.

MARITIME's CBD products are recommended for these people
・ I want to get enough sleep, I want to improve the quality of sleep
・ I want to live positively and energetic
・ I want to relieve stress and get a relaxing effect

Please experience the safe MARITIME natural hemp-derived ingredient CBD products.

If you have any questions about CBD products, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions or Contact page to ask a question.

* This article does not encourage possession or use of cannabis.
* The CBD products introduced on this site are not pharmaceutical products.

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Dealer Stores

If you have any questions about MARITIME's CBD products, please feel free to contact us using the contact form.

You can pick up and see MARITIME CBD products at the stores below.

Brand shop GOEMON
Bonnie Motomachi Building 102, 4-1-13 Motomachidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0022, Hyogo [Google Map]
TEL: 078-362-1144
Official site: https://b-goemon.com/

List of stores

* This article conveys information with reference to overseas research, etc., and does not claim that the products handled by our shop are effective or effective against these symptoms.
* The products we handle are not pharmaceutical products. It is not intended to be used with the expectation that it will be effective in preventing or treating diseases.

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