How to use CBD oil & CBD water

How to use CBD oil & CBD water

"CBD oil" and "CBD water" are popular because you can easily take CBD. Even though I actually picked it up, there are many people who do not know how to use it or how to take it.
Here, we will introduce how to use CBD oil and CBD water, how to take them, and when to take them.

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How to use CBD oil
Sublingual intake is fast absorbed
Oral ingestion has low absorption rate
How to take CBD oil
How to use and consume CBD water

How to use CBD oil

There are many ways to use CBD oil, but the most common is the method called "sublingual intake."
With this method, use a dropper to drop a few drops of CBD oil on the back of your tongue and swallow it. (For details on how to take CBD oil, see "How to take CBD oil")

Sublingual intake is fast absorbed

The reason why sublingual intake is popular is that it is absorbed quickly. Just like taking nitroglycerin tablets under the tongue to stop an angina attack, sublingual intake has the advantage that the time between ingestion and action in the body is very fast.
This is because there are large blood vessels on the back of the tongue, and when taken under the tongue, the components enter the blood vessels directly and are immediately absorbed by the body.
Sublingual ingestion is also known to be more absorbed than the "oral ingestion" method of simply swallowing CBD oil by mouth.
Reference: A Systematic Review on the Pharmacokinetics of Cannabidiol in Humans /a>

Oral ingestion has low absorption rate

Oral ingestion is a method of mixing CBD oil with food and drink, but this method has a low absorption rate of 6 to 20% (in the case of sublingual intake, the absorption rate is 13 to 35%. ).
In addition to taking CBD oil under the tongue or mouth, you can also apply it to your skin, mix it with bath salts, or inhale it with a vapor.
There is basically no fixed timing for taking CBD oil, but if you want to increase the efficiency of taking CBD oil, we recommend taking it on an empty stomach.
Taking too much CBD oil does not mean that it doubles in effectiveness. It is important to follow the recommended daily intake and continue to take it every day.

How to take CBD oil

How to take CBD oil

CBD oil is sometimes referred to as "CBD oil drops" because the cap is a dropper that makes it easy to drop one drop at a time.
If you want to get the most out of CBD oil, follow the four steps below.

1. Shake the bottle lightly
2. Drop a few drops of oil on the back of your tongue
3. Do not swallow the oil immediately, but keep it on the back of the tongue
4. Swallow after about 90 seconds

If it is difficult to hang it on the back of your tongue, try using a mirror to check the inside of your mouth.
Before you get used to the dropper, you can take it without failure by dropping an appropriate amount of CBD oil on a spoon and then putting it in your mouth.
For those who are reluctant to take CBD oil directly, it is recommended to mix it with a drink first.
Drinks that go well with CBD oil include milk, smoothies, and juices.
Coffee and cocktails mixed with CBD oil are sold overseas, but it is not recommended because the action of caffeine and alcohol may offset the action of CBD oil.
Also, be careful not to heat drinks mixed with CBD oil, as the ingredients of CBD oil may change and the effect may diminish if heated above a certain temperature.
If you want to mix CBD oil with a hot drink, add CBD oil just before drinking.

How to use and consume CBD water

Next to CBD oil is CBD water.
CBD water has the advantage of being easy to drink as a beverage in a PET bottle, and is recommended for those who want to try CBD quickly.
The most attractive thing about CBD water is that it's a PET bottle, so it's easy to carry around, and you can easily take CBD on the go.
It can be used not only during work but also for hydration during exercise such as running and yoga.
Most of the flavors are zero sweeteners, zero flavors, and zero calories, making it a soft drink that you can enjoy CBD itself.
The timing of drinking CBD water is the same as that of CBD oil, and there are no particular rules. You can take it at any time you like, such as when you want to relax, when you want to feel better, or before you fall asleep.
As with CBD oil, continue to drink for at least a week or two.
Also, at the beginning, take an appropriate amount, such as one bottle a day, according to your needs.

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