MARITIME CBD oil 10ml (3%)

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3% The most popular product recommended by MARITIME 10ml/300mg

Try the trusted quality of MARITIME with 3% CBD oil.
Or choose from 5 different types of concentration levels in 2 different sizes based on your needs.
We also have a subscription-based system for people who want to constantly pay attention to their health.
100% THC Free

CBD's Features and Effects

Shake the bottle lightly, then drip a few drops of CBD oil on the back of your tongue, let it sit for about 90 seconds, and then swallow it. Enjoy the "Made In Japan" quality with the refreshing taste and fresh scent of extra virgin olive oil.

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It only uses an extracted isolate called cannabidiol (CBD) contained in the hemp plan. MARITIME supports those who want to lead a positive and youthful life.

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We want to deliver high quality and genuine pure CBD oil. We combine the finest Spanish extra virgin olive oil with CBD ingredients to provide a safe, trusted, and easy-to-drink product. Genuine CBD oil that's made in Japan according to strict Japanese manufacturing regulations.

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