Notice of change of officers of Medyfine Co., Ltd.

On April 22, 2021, Director Takehisa Naito was appointed Representative Director, Kim Mortensen was appointed President, and Haekyoung Naito was appointed as Director.

In the future, we will continue to push forward with the development of our business with this new team, and we ask for your continued guidance and support.

Greetings from the inauguration of the president

I am Kim Mortensen, the new appointed president of Medyfine Co. Ltd.

We will do our utmost to become a more valuable company for everyone who supports our business, including our customers and business partners, together with our employees.

CBD (cannabidiol) is attracting a great deal of attention in Europe and the United States, although it has not yet been recognized and understood in Japan. We are determined to push forward with the mission of making more people familiar with CBD products, such as our MARITIME, which are expected to be understood in the future. Above all, I wish the health and happiness of all people in and outside Japan.

We will do our utmost to become a company that can provide more trust and high value to our customers and business partners by concentrating the power of all our employees. Thank you for your cooperation.

Kim Mortensen portrait

Kim Mortensen Biography
Kim, who has lived in Japan for over 20 years, is an expert in business strategy and business growth, and has been participating in Medyfine Co., Ltd. activities since May 2019.

2002年〜2005年  Royal Copenhagen Regional Manager for Asia
2007年  Embassy of Denmark in Japan
2007年〜2019年  Tempur-Pedic Japan, Japanese Representative Director
2020年  KM CORPORATION founder

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Medyfine Co., Ltd.


Takehisa Naito


Kim Mortensen(キム・モーテンセン)


Haekyoung Naito


March 15th, 2000


90 million yen


MARITIME Sales Headquarters

Zip Code 650-0022

2nd floor, Shinsei Building, 3-10-2 Motomachi-dori, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo

MARITIME Headquarters

Zip Code 650-0026

Hyogo, 神戸市中央区古湊通2-2-22

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Sales and import/export of health foods
Internet sales

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Kobe Shinkin Bank
Rakuten Bank

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